We kindly invite you to our XVIII Conference on Medical Robots held in Zabrze. The conference is organized by the International Society for Medical Robotics. In response to a broad interest among representatives of science, medicine and the media, the scope of our annual meeting of research workers, designers, constructors and users of robots will cover all robotized equipment used in medicine.

I cordially invite you to Zabrze for the 18th MEDICAL ROBOTS 2020 CONFERENCES / 2nd MEDICAL ROBOTICS FORUM 4 December and ISMR ACADEMIA on 5 December. The Zabrze conferences are among the oldest cyclical conferences devoted to medical robotics in the world, covering all scientific and medical engineering aspects related to this field. We are planning a special session devoted to the offer and results of the DIH Healthcare Robotics project. The forum is a form of discussion, panel where we deal with topics related to education, economy, research and implementation, production, the medical robot market, talking to the main actors of these scenes – academics, inventors, entrepreneurs, politicians, financiers, institutions supporting entrepreneurs. The next day we meet in a completely different atmosphere of the ACADEMY, pondering with masters of various humanities, psychologists, artists, designers – to talk about what robots should be, to meet the expectations of recipients, social expectations … on Saturday – in a looser Master-Pupil style.

I cordially invite All of YOU, Anyone who creates robots or wants to use them, people who are not indifferent to the future of medicine, technologically supported by robots in diagnostics, therapy, rehabilitation, in the hospital, at home and on the road. This year, meetings will be held on real issues in Zabrze and with the use of telepresence technical means. A teleconference will be an easy form of participation for foreign guests.

The meeting language is English or Polish.


Information and applications should be sent to the address of Organizer, President od Conference: Zbigniew Nawrat,


The term of the conference: 4-5 December 2020

Place: conference room of the Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development in Zabrze, ul. Wolności 345 a.

Due to limited number of seats (120) in the conference hall seats are guaranteed to the speakers, people with a personal invitation and members of the International Association for Medical Robotics.

Language applicable at the conference: Polish and English.


Chairman – Dr. Zbigniew Nawrat, tel. (+48 32) 373 56 64, email:

Organizers  of the conference is:


the International Society for Medical Robotics – WWW

logo i napis FRK_ZBIGNIEWA_ RELIGI_www

the Professor Zbigniew Religa  Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development – WWW.


Silesian Center for Heart Diseases – WWW

You’re welcome!

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